Kodak Brownie Single Lens

You know what I like about Brownies? They’re like little cakes. You know? I guess you can have a mini-cupcake, but they’re just called “mini” then the thing they are a miniature of. Brownies are different. At some point, some badass back in the past was like “hey try this” and some other dude was like “what is this? like a weird horizontal slice of cake?” and the other dude was like “what the fuck did you say?” and the other dude noticing his apprehension was like “yo, nothing, I was just saying it’s a weird way to slice cake that’s all.” and the first dude is all up in his shit now saying with angry restraint “how DARE you call my creation a damn slice of cake. If I wanted to make you cake, I would have made a damn cake. Does this look like fucking cake to you? Huh?” and the other dudes like “yo. chill the fuck out man, I didnt-” but the other guy is like super fucking pissed now and he’s done that thing when he swipes all the shit off the table with one arm, kinda like you see in movies right before two people are going to do it on the table, but no one is going to have sex here, but someone is definitely getting fucked. So there is like flower hanging in the air and the dude is like sweat angry and he just fucking lashes into the other dude saying “You bastard! Coming in here telling me that I made you a fucking slice of cake! I should fucking gut you right now.” and the other dude is like “Listen man, I really didn’t mean anything by it, and I know you been having a tough time, and I’m not saying you’re being overly sensitive, I’m just saying that I might have not chosen my words correctly, because, obs this is not cake man, this is much much more.” and he puts his hand on the other dudes shoulder and the touch of a good friend disarms the situation and the dude’s head drops a bit so he’s looking at the floor and they both kinda just breathe there in silence until the other dude says “what are you calling this then?” and thats how the brownie was probably invented.

Also I already reviewed this piece of shit camera here. This one is just two lenses less than this other piece of garbage.

Brownies, amirite?


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