Keystone K21

Not much is known about this little hockey puck of a camera, except Keystone’s claim to fame was “It’s made in America!” which, considering the camera is from the 1950’s means we’ve been out of touch with reality for a very very very long time.

For me I like the simple design and the army tan on gunmetal grey configuration. It screams family friendly, especially with it’s capri “we’re just good buddy’s” blue logo. You’ll find common features like an electric eye aperture on the front, and a wristlet sash on the bottom, but frankly if you could hang this thing off your wrist you’re a better man then me. My friend said “silly, that’s not for carrying, it’s for security, like if you drop it.”

Lemme tell you; if this thing is around my wrist and I accidentally drop it, it’s taking my whole damn arm with it. “Made in America!” also means “Friggin heavy!”.

I will say, like most of these camera’s, they are way ahead of their time with the catch phrases. Just look what is says here.


Thats right hipsters. The original #nofilter


Now, here is a little treat. A commercial for this tankamera from Zale-Royal (yeah, Zales…. like the diamond people)

Doest that just make you wanna go out an buy thi- ONE HUNDRED AND TWENTY NINE CLAMS?!!!! Thats like 8.9 Billion dollars in today’s dollar! Who had this money! Was the 1% more like the 70% in the 50’s?! Do we need another world war to be rich?! Why does everyone keep one eye open when they film on commercials? What the hell do you do with a 110 piece title set? I have so many questions!!!

My main question is this guy’s logic. “If you shoot one roll of film a week every week for two years you’ll pay for the entire price of the camera in savings.” Please Sir, who on God’s green earth is shooting one roll of film a week? I’m an actual filmmaker and I don’t shoot that much.


Here is a little film I found online where some poor fool actually loaded film into the camera and used it instead of keeping it on his shelf with the other useless relics hoping that one day he would have a girl open who would make the mistake of seeing it and asking a question about it.

Anyway its pretty cool how anything filmed with this wrist cracker basically sends it back in time 80 years. Bet that would make a good sci-fi film. Ill take your call now Mr. Cuarón.

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