Revere 8mm model 88

Man that’s a lot of 8’s…



8888888…. ∞


That’s right. Triple infinity. That’s how dope the model 888mm is … as we all know for The Pixies, if man is 5, then the devil is 6, and God is 7… but this… this is 8 people. Checkmate.


It’s been a rough morning. Coffee machine broke.

Alright, what can I say about this little metal tick tack. I love her. I love that she looks like dwarfs forged her in some dark mountain. I love that she sounds like a tractor when you fire her shutter. I love that this camera was made by a radiator company. It has a certain… warmth to it.


One of my truly favorite features about this camera is that it has a “summer” and “winter” setting, much like my body weight.


Unfortunately there isn’t a ton of info about this little munchkin on the inter webs, so my review will end here. However, if you have 3 minutes of your life that you simply hate, do check out this video review of the camera that somehow has less information that my blog post. Enjoy.

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