Q’s & A’s

Welcome to the Question’s & Answer’s page!

Q: Why do you do this?

A: Well, the short of is that I love photography. I guess my love of photography came from my Grandfather who always had a camera around his neck. I guess he liked photography because during his lifetime the age of photography was golden. I suppose the mid-century golden age of photography existed because the technology became affordable enough and was mass produced to the public. I suppose that the tech became affordable because of the concept of the assembly line, and steam powered machinery. I mean the industrial revolution really is the cause of manufacturing boom of the 1800’s, which was only preceded by the age of enlightenment that was built on the thinking of the Renaissance, which really was only a throw-back to the golden age of the Greeks (who really were just an afterbirth of the Persians) and civilization was really just a natural progression of evolution which life in general was only possible because of rDNA which I’m sure was because of the natural attraction of long-chained complex compounds, that were really just elements from an ancient universe since all elemental matter was created from the singular moment of the creation of the universe. So I do it because of the Big Bang.

Q: Are you always a snide asshat?

A: (This answer left intentionally blank)

Q: Do you really use all these camera’s to take these pictures?

A: Yes. Or no. Maybe I take them with my iPhone and I screw them up in Photoshop, but you’ll never know so just believe and everything will be ok. Also #fakenews

Q: Alright, fine, I believe that you take all these pictures on film, isn’t it expensive?

A: It’s not cheap, but, I do develop most of it in my bathroom sink to keep my costs down. I really do love the smell of stop bath. brings me right back to the 10th grade.

Q: You’re telling me you develop 120 cartridge film you liar?

A: No. I develop 35mm and medium format at home, anything else I drop off in the city at LTI Lightroom. Those dudes are boss.

Q: What’s your favorite camera?

A: Yes.

Q: Are you available for weddings?

A: No.

Q: Are these real questions?

A: Are Leica’s a perfect camera metaphor for the rich white elite? (yes.)

grandpa and me

(Me and my Grandpa Gaston, backyard, summer, Minneola, Long Island, New York, c. 1985)