Kodak Brownie 8mm

“You’ll bring back more of your vacation” isn’t just a warning for sailors on-leave in prostitute infested port towns, it became the slogan for Kodak’s famous 1951 Brownie, named appropriately after the stain you leave in your pants when you see how fat you look on film.

This pet parakeet coffin sized technological wonder cost a modest $29.95 in 1952 ($188,000.00 USD today) and was marketed toward anyone who was either a child pornographer and/or a women, as made clearly apparent in this actual commercial from the time. (Watch your ears folks, apparently everyone was deaf in the 50’s)

Wow! Amarite! What an opening! And so easy even a WOMAN could use it! Can you imagine that?! A WOMAN! Technology boy I’ll tell ya. Some things I’d like to point out about this video, like WTF:


That… that’s amazing. I mean, I’m sure no one in the marketing department was like “that, that looks absolutely absurd” especially when they have these two charmers in the instruction manual:

Yo. Creeper on the right. Shut that eye will ya? Wait… is there even film in that camera?

Lastly, one of my favorite features about this camera is the ease of use settings… all you have to know is the weather! (I bet that’s an actual line from their ad…) I’ve already commented on similar terms used on setting dials, but have to point out that “open shade” is something Mary does often in the office to everyone, and frankly we’re getting pretty damn sick of it.


Watch yo ass Mary. Watch it good.


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