Canon 110 ED

Ah… the Canon 110 ED … yes, ED … for when that perfect photographic moment strikes, don’t be caught with your camera un-cocked.

Canon 110 ED-5.jpg

This little metal candy bar reared its angry little head on the shutterbug scene in 1975 bringing with it innovation, advanced date imprint technology, and a fantastic dick joke that would take nearly 3 decades to become relevant.

viagra camare.jpg

Canon has always been ahead of its time.

She boasts a 24mm f2.0 which is a pretty speedy little lens for a pocket camera, and came in a swank dope case that would eventually usher in the age of excess, cocaine and fake tits. I mean look at this case!


I literally would LOVE to be buried in that case with my Cheryl Tiegs poster. Its like red felt lined and comes with pictures of children that are way better looking than your own. Canon what will you think of next? Thankfully Canon has taken all the thinking out of the camera, making it super simple to use. The camera did come with a 6 page user manual although I don’t know why, given it’s ease of use … I guess it was important to show you that you can hold the camera either this way, or the other way:

canon 110.png


canon 110.png

Now, but the real magic comes from its funny little 110 film, you know, the kind of film you used as a kid to take pictures of your friends at pizza parties. This little brick of nostalgia really makes you want to watch a Spielburg film with its automatic shutter settings (yes, cloud, sunshine & mix is available), hot-shoe for a flash that is larger than the camera, and a fat square button that goes “click” when you press it.

But the real joy is winding this little beast. Pushing that lever in is a sensation that you can only get from one of these time machines, that delicious gear driven friction pulsing up your thumb, quivering in your wrist as the pressure builds … is it a two pump? Maybe a two and a half? When will I reach the apex when the film is fully advanced and the shutter cocked…

Hold please…

Ok, I’m back. Great. Where was I, yes, so this party in a parallelogram debut at a whopping 120.00 USD in 1975 (that’s 358,000,000.00 USD today) and takes a type of film that is only sold by the hipster corporation Lomography. Bless their cotton sock. I found her in a little shop in Kyoto, Japan and the man, get this, still had a roll of film. Against all odds I threw it in and snapped away. Obviously I didn’t trust it to be good still so I picked up a roll of Lobster Red from Lomogrophy … I will let you decide the victor.

Something magical about this little guy and the pics it snaps … the colors are blotchy and the contrast is all over the place, which makes them like a dream, or a memory, from when I was 14.

The 80’s are so hot right now…



The Vintage Camera Quest is an adventure through vintage cameras by director Roberto Serrini who records his adventures in wordphotography and film. . Check him out on instagram @vintagecameraquest or twitter @oldcameraquest or subscribe to his blog – thanks for reading!


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