Revere Eye-Matic Model 119

Ok. The Revere Eye-Matic Model 119.

The 119 is leaps and bounds better then the 118, which only makes the 117 look like a cave painting machine rubbed in poo. Frankly I have no idea what the difference is other than this one says 119. Regardless it’s a handsome camera and I particularly like the über 50’s “Power Zoom” font that makes me think of chipper women wearing chiffon and palmaded men hiding their homosexuality while smoking a pipe. I also dig the little graphic on the side, which is some sort of iconic representation of light going through a lens, such as you might find on the side of a gold record you would send into space for aliens to find and say “what the shit is this, Blurp?”


All these bells, whistles, hoots and hollers didn’t come with a low price tag, as this camera debut for a whopping $199.00 clams back in 1956 (That’s $4.9 Trillion USD, or µ36 Uvorikain-9 space dollars today). Basically you had to be a nutter to buy this beast, which was apparently Revel’s market segment, judging by their advertisement:


What has been seen cannot be unseen. I mean look at the damn box… these people were obs on the drugs. Viva los sixties!


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