Honeywell Elmo 104

This camera won the “most dopest cutesie name contest” that I had last week. Winning prize was a higher position on the shelf. Congratulations Honeywell Elmo Super Filmatic 104, and sorry to the Honeywell Elmo Super Filmatic 103, it was a good run.

What oh What to say about this mod cam… well, I bought her because of her looks. That’s right, she’s a trophy cam. Sleek and black, sexy and seductive, something right out of “Blow Up” amirite? She takes AA batteries, which would seem like a novelty for such an old camera, but you would be wrong since AA’s have been around since 1907 and you say I don’t tell you anything of value. Harrumph.

There isn’t much online about this sexy missile of a photographic image recording device on the webtrons, so, before we go I would like you to watch this informative, relatively short video, about how one would load such a camera that took a film magazine. Enjoy:


Ask yourself: how desperate were people to document their kids playing ball, or your wife standing next to a lowsy azalea bush that they would go through this certain layer of hell … IN THE DARK. To recap, cause God knows you didn’t watch the whole thing, this guy takes 8 whole minutes to show you how to load this film. 8 minutes. And he’s a pro DOING IT IN THE LIGHT. You know how long this would take me to do in the dark? No, you don’t. No one does, cause it’s still sitting in my bathroom since November. When I finally get it, I’ll let you know.

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