Holiday Mansfield


Here’s a camera that you can bludgeon someone to death with the ease of sliding into a warm bath. At a nearly 26 lbs this handheld cannonball is one of my favorite dust collectors. It has a mean electric eye at the top for self-metering through it’s patented “Meter Matic” system, a sweet three lens turret system so you can really capture all the action of people standing next to cars, waterfalls, or large objects in general, and even a handy dandy hand grip to make you really feel like you are holding some sort of mace weapon from the 14 c.

Retailing in 1956 for $35.50 ($187,187.50 USD today) it was the go to anyone that wanted to tightly grip Mansfield in their greasy fat hands, and still be able to throw it against a concrete wall and have it destroy the wall. Unfortunately unlike Ms. Mansfield this metal beast can most certainly survive a car crash. Despite all these fabulous attributes, I have to say that each of these bells and whistles fall on deaf ears, because nothing screams awesome more than this attachment:


Are you seeing this? Are you? Do you know how ridiculous this is? It’s 5,000 watts ridiculous. It’s super ridiculous. These lights are off the runway at JFK I believe, and basically could light up a room…from across the street. You ever want to film someone’s face being melted away from being too close to the sun, well pal I got a camera for you!

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