Eumig Electric

Sneaky Austrians.

So this little camera was made by Adolf Hitler.

Wait. Halpern. Adolf Halpern. Sorry. (Alternative Facts). Debuted in 1955, it was Eumig’s foray into consumer cameras and it’s pretty basic to use. It’s got a Green, Red, and Yellow settings, not that they do anything different from each other, rather, Halpern was just a big fan of Bolivia and their flag. True story. (Alternative Facts.)

What is cool about this little beast is that it takes 16mm film and runs it past the lens twice, exposing each half as it does. This way it can be split down the middle so your cheapskate father won’t have to beat you for not being able to hit the T-ball on the first time because you’re a looser just like your drunk uncle Ernie. It was cost-effective. (Alternative Facts)


Lastly I’ll point out that as the name says it is “electric” and has a secret (giant) (Alternative Facts) compartment on the side for a 4.5 volt battery (probably like the power of a hearing aid battery today) which you can no longer buy. You can wire up 4 AA batteries to run it, but you wont, because you’re obviously not smart enough to understand basic high school electrical engineering and didn’t even know that was remotely possible.

(I found out on this site)

Sold to the public in 1955 at $49.95 ($754,000.15 USD today) you can now pick one up on eBay for about $30.00 USD ($28.00 CAD today) meaning that you probably should have listened to your wife Thurston and waited to buy it.

That’s about it. It also has this easy to use chart if you like to do math while filming your family and have a slide ruler handy.


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