Dejur Electric 8mm

So very little is known about this camera that even Reddit had only one thing to say about it. Reddit. I’ve seen posts about ass crack lint that had dozens of replies, and there is only one for the sad little Dejur Electric 8mm Powerzoom.

So in an attempt to leave my mark on the internet and fill in an obviously gaping goatsee hole here is what I know about this camera.

  • It’s got the dopest strap I’ve ever seen. Metallic and black it looks more like a hooker’s purse from the 80’s then a camera strap.
  • It’s electric, meaning you never have to wind, so great for the weak writsted community.
  • It’s got two settings; backlit and normal. These PC days it would be called backlit and non-identifying as backlit.
  • Dejur sounds hella-french but it aint. It’s from Rochester NY and was produced by Bausch+Lomb. Yep, the dudes that make your peeper juice.
  • Bullet points should be in odd numbers.

Oh, one last thing: dopest box EVER. Like Saul Bass had an affair with a homeless person’s home and 9 months later this dropped out on the sidewalk.


Internet, you are welcome. Hopefully the knowledge of this amazing camera will help out the millions of users around the globe.

ADDENDUM: It has been brought to my attention that the camera is not pronounced gentile and frenchy like “do-jore” but rather like yo from Atlanta and say “da-jar” like “Eddie, pass me da jar of herb”. Thanks @spankskie67 

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